About the book

Out takes

In total there were 42 drawings produced for the book, plus a reworking of one on computer for the cover. We probably came up with at least that many ideas that were either discarded at the discussion stage or abandoned as too difficult to draw, for various reasons. So, just for a laugh, here are some of them.

The idea for this drawing came from the caption "Don't be a tight-wad". The idea was to show Edgar buying a round of drinks in a pub for his workers, only his idea of a round was one drink and a packet of straws. Nic was concerned that the idea a) wouldn't be clear enough to the reader and b) wasn't actually that funny.
The caption for this picture was to be "The team vision must be realistic, even if it is extremely challenging". Edgar therefore had to have a vision that was extremely challenging, yet completely unrealistic. But somehow the idea just didn't seem to work.
An idea that didn't even have a caption to go with it. I just thought it was an amusing idea to have Edgar handing out 'Happy and motivated' T-shirts, thinking that it would improve staff morale.
The caption we had for this picture was something to do with acting in a way that generated respect from your team. Our immediate thought was to have Edgar trying, but failing, to be 'cool'. No final picture that seemed appropriate presented itself.
A very early picture that was a potential replacement for the 'terminated staff should not be surprised' picture. After much discussion we decided that cartoon explosives were preferable to cartoon electricity, and more obvious. The sealed room full of employees concept lived on though, and eventually became part of the picture 'Communication with your staff requires that you listen'.
A slight variation on the "Dictatorial behaviour may be acceptable" drawing. The only real differences between this and the final version is the slightly more Communist tropical island style to the look of Edgar's office, particularly the 'El Presidente' desk sign.