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Favourite places

Sue and I holiday in the UK. We love Yorkshire, the Peak District and the South West (Devon, Cornwall and Somerset). We visit Bristol and Bath in the winter (to do Christmas shopping). I spent many holidays when I was young in Wales and have very happy memories. Anyone who has not seen the UK in the Spring should come over!

I love London but do not want to live there. I am very fond of the Malvern area where I live, which includes the towns of Cheltenham, Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester. The Malvern Hills (where Elgar wrote most of his music) are beautiful. Whenever I go away, on coming home I realise what a lovely part of the world I live in.

In other countries my favourite cities (in no particular order) are Boston, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Munich. My favourite city would be a choice between Boston and Paris. I would like to go back to New York because the only time I was there was in the 80's when it was nearly bankrupt and it was not in good shape.

I have been lucky enough to see the fall in New England, and the Pacific Coast Highway south of Monterez ... nice! I am also roundly abused by my British beer drinking friends because I love ice-cold US beers - Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are particular favourites.

Happiest memories from my travels - walking from the Arc de Triomphe into the Centre of Paris, and drinking coffee in a pavement cafe; drinking two litres of wonderful German lager in the Englisher Gardens in Munich after we had just signed a big contract; watching the sun set whilst drinking an excellent Californian chardonnay at the the Top of the Mark in the Mark Hopkins Hotel at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco; and drinking beer in a chair in the middle of the river at the River Inn at the Big Sur. Funny how three of them involve drink!