About the author

Political attitudes

If you think of President Bartlett in the hit TV series West Wing you will not be far from my political views.

I am pro-choice but respect the views of pro-life people. I sometimes wish people were more willing to accept the possible validity of other people's viewpoints.

I am against capital punishment, mainly because it is so difficult to apologise to someone who is dead that they were the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

I support the very strict gun controls in the UK and support the UK's ban on handguns. I am very happy to live in a country where there are so few legal guns. If I lived in the US I am not so sure that I would take the same line. There are so many guns in the US that it seems to me that the sorts of gun controls that are proposed are of little practical use.

I am fanatical about personal freedoms, such as the right to privacy on the Internet. I hate the idea of Governmental snooping on my emails.