What is the purpose of this web site? It is designed for readers of my books "Dr. Peeling's Principles of Management", "Brilliant Manager - What the best managers know, do and say" and "Brilliant Negotiations - What the best negotiators know, do and say".

(for synopses of the 'Brilliant' books see http://www.nicpeeling.com)

Dr. Peeling's Principles of Management Brilliant Manager Brilliant Negotiations

Very few authors are successful enough to ever have a magazine article written about them. This web site can be thought of as an online version of a magazine article about Nic Peeling. In many senses it is better than a magazine article could ever be because I am not constrained to a fixed length. I have also been able to include decent sized synopses of my books. I have also been careful to ensure that it is accurate! I hope you enjoy it.

Nic Peeling

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The author

I was born in 1954 in Leicester, England. As I grew up I came to realise that my Grandparents and relations were somewhat more colourful than my friends' relations... (more)

About the book

During the early 90s I started reading management books in the hopes they would help me become a better manager. I was surprised at how few management books addressed the problems I was encountering... (more)

Advice to would-be authors

I am frequently asked questions by would-be authors about my experiences... (more)